Frequently Asked Questions

Where is work performed by CDQB?

CDQB has office space located at 3900 Jermantown Road; Suite 300; Fairfax, VA. The office space is secured and all data is secured at all times.  Computer files are backed up daily.  CDQB can arrange to provide support at their client’s office, however, additional fees apply.

        How often does CDQB correspond with their clients?

Communication is ongoing to provide the client with excellent service.  CDQB exchange emails and also conduct telephone conference calls.  However, face to face meetings are also scheduled on an as needed basis.

Does CDQB interact with my CPA or Accountant?

Yes.  This is a team effort and CDQB contacts the CPA/Accountant for support and references.  It is also common for the CPA/Accountant to contact CDQB asking for particular data.  When a client is just starting with CDQB, there are multiple conversations with the CPA/Accountant in order to get the QuickBooks data file accurate and current.


How does data get to the CDQB office?

There are a couple of ways this can be accomplished.

a. Client may bring and/or pick up their data to/from the CDQB office.

b. A courier can be arranged to come to the client’s office to pick up and drop off data at a scheduled time


How is a QuickBooks data file returned to client?

CDQB uses a secured site that the client’s QuickBooks data file can be uploaded and downloaded by CDQB and client.  This site is password protected and CDQB will provide the client with written procedures on how to use this site.


What happens to the original paperwork that is supplied to CDQB for    processing?

Documents are scanned into the CDQB database when they are received.  CDQB will never keep any original documents after they have been entered into the client’s QuickBooks data file. 


Does CDQB prepare checks on the client’s behalf?

Yes, this can be arranged.  If CDQB prepares check payments, the checks are provided to CDQB by client and then sent back to the client for signature and mailing.  All check numbers are recorded in the CDQB database.

 Does CDQB offer payroll services?

No.  However, CDQB does have multiple contacts in the payroll industry and will be happy to introduce you to a payroll specialist that can help clients with their payroll needs.  However, CDQB reviews the payroll reports and enters payroll expenses into the QuickBooks data file.

 How often does CDQB update the client’s QuickBooks File?

Each time data is provided to CDQB by the client.