Students have report cards…and so do business owners.
A business owner’s report card is his or her financial reports.

Your accounting records show the health of your company. However, if you’re simply using your accounting records to do your taxes, you’re missing a valuable tool to help you grow.

There are three major functions within every business:

Marketing – bringing customers to your door and converting them to sales
Production – servicing the customer with the highest possible quality
Accounting – gathering data from all aspects of business and interpreting the health of the business.

If the three functions are operating independently with regard for what is happening in the other two functions, there will be very little synergy amongst the parts. The center core, where all the circles intersect, represents total company profit. In accounting jargon, a profitable company is “In the Black.” PROFIT WITHOUT SYNERGY IS VERY SMALL.

7 Ways to Grow Your Business Using QuickBooks® helps business owners use the power of the QuickBooks® software to increase the synergy amongst these functions. Businesses can:

1. Generate more leads;
2. Increase sales;
3. Improve employee efficiency;
4. Reduce wasted time and materials on jobs;
5. Manage cashflow more effectively;
6. Obtain vendor credit; and
7. Sell businesses for two to ten times more than competitors.

The book contains  screenshots, sample reports and discussions regarding 7 ways business owners can grow their businesses using QuickBooks®.